The Chinese People are going through the worst period – Unemployed, no salary, sleeping on the streets

Having entered the New Year 2024 and the economy across China is in a serious recession, recently many mainlanders revealed that markets ones crowded with passers-by are now extremely deserted, the atmosphere looks very gloomy and dreary, a large number of factories and stores have closed down leading to mass layoffs, unemployment and numerous people including many young individuals being compelled to stay at home.

Homeless people are sleeping on the cold snowy streets and people’s lives are encountering countless difficulties, thousands of protests have taken place across China in the final days of the year, marking a wave of change in this era.

Numerous workers and laborers are owed wages have lost their legal rights and find their lives pushed to the brink compelling them to stand up and protest even wealthy individuals and investors have joined the demonstrations because their rights are being infringed upon. Chinese people have gradually overcome their fear of the CPC daring to stand up one after another when pushed into a corner.

Previously every market in Guangzhou was bustling with business activities, however the current situation is very gloomy with a significant number of factories and stores closed, wages have not increased in recent years while prices have been rising annually making it difficult for employed individuals to support their families. Once magnificent Guangzhounow feels very depressed. The economic situation is poor, and job opportunities are scarce. Some elderly people have no year-round income, and there is no one to care for them.

According to the government, if you have a son, you don’t get paid; it’s the children who make money, without money, young people face difficulty affording food. Life is very challenging and they can’t even dream of buying a house or a car. The real estate sector traditionally regarded as the backbone of the …read more

Source:: Colombo Gazette