Sri Lanka Original Narrative Summary: 26/02

  1. President Ranil Wickremesinghe launches the “Presidential Academic Scholarship Programme 2024/2025” to support Sri Lankan students from Grade 01 to Grade 11 across all schools nationwide: The initiative, funded by the President’s Fund with Rs. 3,600 million, aims to aid 100,000 students annually and ensure uninterrupted education for those facing financial challenges.
  2. Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa says he will never accept an invitation by an administration that protects thieves to build the country together: asserts the country needs good policies rather than public figures: stresses had he pledged allegiance to the current regime upon invitation, he too would have to raise hand in favour of the former Health Minister who executed the importation of sub-standard medicines.
  3. NPP MP Dr. Harini Amarasuriya invites all women to join hands for a change in era: says the NPP has no individual expectations but a collective effort: adds every person is important to play a role in building the country: stresses the context of ‘servant-and-master’ should be replaced with equal citizens who are fighting for their rights: asserts diversity among the communities should be the strength of the people.
  4. Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe emphasises the need for collective agreements among BIMSTEC countries: highlights the importance of progressing a free trade agreement within the group, aiming to strengthen trade relations and enhance regional security: also addresses the challenge of increasing financing amidst global interest rate hikes and stresses opportunities for investment and trade in the energy sector, particularly in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power: affirms Sri Lanka’s efforts to promote regional investment in power generation and engage in global forums to address climate change.
  5. The Army grants public access to seven Hindu temples (Kovils) located within the high-security zone in Jaffna: Civilians can now participate in weekly poojas and rituals at these …read more

    Source:: LNW English