Diana pushes night life for earning tourist bucks

State Tourism Minister Diana Gamage says that Night Life Concept can boost the revenue of the tourism industry by 70 percent as nightlife plays a crucial role in catering to the needs of tourists, adding this applies not only to beach resorts but also urban centres like Colombo.

Speaking at a press conference themed ‘Collective path to a stable country’ at the Presidential Media Division (PMD) on Thursday, the minister said that nightlife has a critical role in driving economic growth, citing it as a cornerstone of the night economy, a press release issued by the PMD said.

She said that the night economy accounts for a substantial 70% of a country’s revenue, illustrating its significant contribution to national finances.

Minister Gamage said that the night time is when people typically engage in activities such as dining and entertainment, resulting in increased revenue generation through taxes, particularly from excise duties. She stated that this revenue is essential for sustaining the country’s government and development.

She emphasized the importance of providing entertainment options to tourists, particularly in beach areas, which are major attractions for visitors. Addressing concerns about nightlife regulations, the Minister highlighted the significance of entertainment in enhancing the tourist experience.

The Minister noted that current regulations often restrict entertainment options, citing examples such as early last orders in hotels and restaurants, which may not align with the preferences of international tourists.

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Source:: The Island