More Lankans headed to Cyber Criminal Area (CCA) in Myanmar irrespective of warnings

Fifteen more Sri Lankans are on their way to a location known as the Cyber Criminal Area (CCA) in Myanmar, some of those already trapped there told media institutions on Friday.

Reaching out to Sri Lankan media institutions, they said one person already arrived there on Thursday and three more are to arrive on Friday night. Altogether 15 more Sri Lankans are to come there, a Sri Lankan woman who is already in the country said.

She said they informed Sri Lankan diplomats in Myanmar about this development, but the diplomats had said there is nothing they can do.

“If more Sri Lankans come here, things will be more complicated. We urge the government to stop any more people coming here,” she said.

Last year, the Foreign Ministry received information about 56 Sri Lankans trapped in the area.

Attorney-at-Law Mihiri Fernando of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Myanmar told the media that 56 Sri Lankans were in three camps in the CCA. Out of them, 41 are men and 15 are women.The Sri Lankan Ambassador in Myanmar, Janaka Priyantha Bandara, is holding discussions with Myanmar officials about the possibility of rescuing those Lankans.

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Source:: The Island