The Driving Forces Behind NPP’s Popularity

By Vipula Wanigasekera

Dr. Vipula Wanigasekera

In Sri Lankan politics, it was simply a contest between the SJB and NPP in the forthcoming elections. Then something was happening in the last 6 months or so where more and more public support was tilting towards NPP. Amidst soaring living costs, widespread corruption, and a growing disillusionment with traditional politics, the NPP’s popularity has surged, propelled by a grassroots campaign and a commitment to empower women. Here are some thoughts on the factors fueling this remarkable rise in prominence of NPP at it stands today

Economic Desperation: Sri Lanka is at a critical juncture of economic hardship, where the majority grapples with daily struggles while a privileged minority thrives in opulence. This stark wealth gap has ignited a fervent desire for change among the populace, driving them towards the NPP’s message of economic reform and social equity.

Corruption Epidemic: The pervasive culture of corruption and mismanagement has corroded public trust in established institutions including the Health Authorities responsible for saving lives!!. In response, the NPP emerges as a beacon of hope, promising to institute sweeping reforms to root out corruption and restore accountability, resonating deeply with citizens seeking integrity in governance.

Declining quality of politicians: The deterioration of political integrity and competence has left citizens disheartened and yearning for alternatives. The NPP’s emergence as a credible political force offers a refreshing prospect of stability and effective governance, attracting support from those weary of traditional politics. The team they took to India shows this integrity and quality while Sri Lankans had seen in the past plane loads of jaunts taken by fellow MPs who …read more

Source:: Colombo Telegraph