One Colombo Fort to fortify the city apart from mixed development

By: Staff Writer

February 27, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka’s Urban Development Authority is to finalise 22 mixed development, waterfront, residential, IT and tourism projects from 2024 onwards, with another 5 projects still in the process of clearance, Director of Real Estate Management and Development Anura Prasanna of the UDA said.

According to Prasanna, the 21 billion rupees in revenue that is to be gained from the investments into these properties is not the final value of the projects.

In addition these mega mixed development initiative a unified tourism and economic promotion plan had been mooted under one Colombo Fort geographical brand building project.

A collaborative effort between the State and the private sector, the project is spearheaded by developmental catalyst Dr. Dinesh Watawana and the Daily FT, highlighting the increasingly pivotal role of media as advocates of progress.

Colombo Fort is laced with history and modern infrastructure, but is a far cry from developing into a cohesive tourism and economic model that could lay claims to being a showpiece city. The need of the hour is a futuristic plan and advocacy that can make it happen.

OCF’s mandate is to bring together all the stakeholders, including the State machinery, premier blue chips, and the SMEs, inspiring change through advocacy, turning eye-sores into attractions, creating resourceful new ideas while carving out a vibrant brand under One Colombo Fort, built on a structured sustainable plan of growth.

The OCF team is creating a model of growth where the media doesn’t merely report but emerges as advocates of progress who help create shared value. In creating a strong geographical brand, the OCF team envisages to expand its domain to include Colombo Port City,

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Source:: LNW English