Current ‘discourse’ on CBSL salary revisions ‘extremely partial and based on personal agendas’

We, the Central Bank Executive Officers’ Union (CBEOU), as a professional union representing the Executive Officers of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, wish to clarify some facts, as it was evident that the discourse on the recent salary revision of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is extremely partial and raised without proper knowledge of the facts and / or based on mere personal agendas, the CBEOU said in a press release.

The release signed by the Union’s General Secretary M.N.P. Jayaweera and president, D.J. Perera, explains: ‘Central Bank of Sri Lanka was established as an independent institution since its inception. Accordingly, the previous Monetary Boards as well as the current Governing Board have been assigned the decision-making independence related to administration on a logical basis and that administrative independence remains the same for other central banks around the world.

‘Accordingly, since the inception, the Monetary Board decided the recruitment procedures, professional training and salaries related to the Central Bank service. It should also be mentioned that neither the previous Monetary Boards or the present Governing Board include the employees of the Central Bank, and that the members of the Governing Board are scholars and professionals in a variety of fields of the country. Considering the corporate governance practices, salary revisions have been done in every three years in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for several decades as similar to certain state sector establishments.

‘The 2024-2026 collective agreement is an agreement reached by all parties after several rounds of bargaining between all the unions and the Governing Board of the Bank. Accordingly, all parties are bound to work under the terms of the collective agreement for the next three years.

‘It is no secret to society that salaries in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka are at …read more

Source:: The Island