Let the Games Begin!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

By: Kavodi Kulunumini

February 26, Colombo (LNW): The Original ‘Hunger Games’ was a series brilliantly written by Suzanne Collins and one loved by many readers throughout the world. (I very much included) It was so well received by the mass that its fandom is still very much active and had been for nearly the past two decades considering the first of the saga titled ‘Hunger Games’ came out in 2008.

In the series Collins envisions a dystopian world and being American her dystopian world is eerily similar in American values and in her latest adaptation to her OG trilogy she does mention that in more or less clarity that her world of ‘Panem’ was originally North America.

The original series titled as aforementioned ‘Hunger Games’ (2008) ‘Catching Fire’ (2009) ‘Mockingjay’ (2010) were delivered to the world in rapid succession. The story revolves around the 16 year-old-teenager (at least at the start of the saga) Katniss Everdeen and the world she lives in.

Katniss’s world is that of Panem. With 12 Districts (originally 13) in its wake the Capitol reigned over the power of the nation. After a bloody war between the Districts and the Capitol which temporarily forced the Capitol to lose its refine establishment called the ‘Dark Days’ ‘Hunger Games’ were introduced as a mean to the Districts to understand once and forever who really has the power when it reestablished itself.

The ‘Hunger Games’ is a broadcasted entertainment game true to its name driven by hunger. Out of the 12 Districts every year two tributes are sired; one male and one female to compete in the games. But the catch is this: out of those 24 only one could be crowned victor and is allowed to see the …read more

Source:: LNW English