Aquaman Hollywood star Jason to explore Sri Lanka’s environmental efforts

February 24, Colombo (LNW): The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung has extended a warm invitation to Hollywood actor Jason Momoa, known for his advocacy for environmental conservation, to witness Sri Lanka’s mangrove restoration efforts and explore its vibrant marine ecosystem.

“Hey #JasonMomoa, your admiration and @UNEP support for Sri Lanka’s environmental efforts and using your voice to increase awareness of the urgency to #SaveOurOcean is inspiring!

As US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, I invite you to come experience the beauty of Sri Lanka’s mangrove restoration firsthand and dive into the depths of our strong US-Sri Lanka partnership,” she noted via ‘X’ on thursday

The Ambassador’s invitation comes hot on the heels of the Aquaman star Momoa congratulating Sri Lanka for being declared a UN World Restoration Flagship, in recognition of the country’s efforts to rebuild and restore its mangrove ecosystems.

In a video statement of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Advocate for Life Below Water, he commended the endeavours of the country.

“As a native Hawaiian, I saw the impacts of climate change first hand this year, the devastating lines of fires.

We urgently need to revive the health of our lands, the coasts and oceans. After the tsunami, the island of Sri Lanka had to build back, and they did it using the power of nature as a solution versus fighting against it. I want to celebrate Sri Lanka for its recognition as the UN World Restoration Flagship.

In the country, citizens and partners are working together to naturally generate 10,000 hectares of mangrove forest by 2030 to fortify the coastline. Congratulations,

Sri Lanka. Mahalo for working together to create positive change. You are the example. All my Aloha,” Mamosa said.

Expressing admiration for Momoa’s commitment to UNEP causes, Ambassador Chung underscored the invitation for …read more

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