ILO to boost a Job rich economic recovery with Enterprise Development

By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The International Labour Organization (ILO) extends, its support to boost economic recovery in collaboration with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Office of the Governor of the Northern Province, and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

It has successfully organized a national policy symposium focused on promoting youth entrepreneurship and generating greater private sector investments in Sri Lanka.

With a regional and sectoral focus, the symposium brought to the forefront challenges, insights, and interventions towards creating a favorable ecosystem for enterprise development and investment promotion in Sri Lanka.

The symposium is a joint initiative between two ILO flagship projects: Local Empowerment through Economic Development and Reconciliation (LEED+), and South Asia Leadership in Entrepreneurship (SALE).

One of the significant processes leading up to the symposium was sectoral discussions to identify opportunities and challenges for investments in the Northern Province.

This initiative of the ILO LEED+ project provided valuable insights into the specific requirements of the region, helping shape the policy discussions and recommendations.

The ILO SALE project, as part of its efforts to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among key stakeholders to create an entrepreneurship-friendly ecosystem, conducted joint policy forums with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The symposium saw discussions on the findings of this initiative.

In his introductory remarks, Mr. S. M. Saman Bandulasena, Chief Secretary of the Northern Province highlighted that, “The way forward lies in the hands of the relevant line ministries that have a mandate to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and investment promotion.

By doing so, they aim to generate decent and productive employment opportunities for all, he said dding that It was underscored that both the government and other ecosystem players, including development sector entities, and private sector, have a crucial role to play in supporting …read more

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