Third Anniversary: India’s unilateral annexation of disputed Kashmir

The world is indifferent toward Indian atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims and virtually abandoned Kashmiris.

by Latheef Farook

August 5 marks the third anniversary of the 2019 abrogation of a seventy-five-year-old constitutional provision, Article 370, which guaranteed limited autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir – the only Muslim majority state in India and home to more than 12 million.

This illegal revocation, despite all the guarantees to United Nations and all other international forums, was done by the hawkish Hindutva government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accused of being the architect of the genocide of Gujarati Muslims in February 2002, with an unrealistic program to create a Hindu only India.

Former Chief Minister of India occupied Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti described it as the darkest day in Indian democracy. The decision of J&K leadership to reject the two nation theory in 1947 and align with India has backfired. The unilateral decision of the Indian government to scrap Article 370 is illegal and unconstitutional which will make India an occupational force in J&K.

National Conference leader Chief Omar Abdullah said that the Government of India “has resorted to deceit and stealth to lay the ground for these disastrous decisions.” Indian government’s unilateral and shocking decisions are a total betrayal of the trust that the people of Jammu & Kashmir had reposed in India when the then ruler Raja Gulab Singh,a Hindu warlord, acceded it to India in 1947. The decisions will have far-reaching and dangerous consequences. This is an aggression against people of the State as had been warned by an all-parties meeting in Srinagar.

Modi who represents Rashtriya Swayamasevak Sangh, RSS, and Hindutva fascist ideology which has nothing to do …read more

Source:: SL Guardian English