Wildlife identifies cop as chief suspect in killing of majestic tusker

By Ifham Nizam

A police constable has been identified as the chief suspect over the killing of the majestic tusker, Barana, in the Kalawewa Forest Reserve, on Sunday.

The Galkiriyagama Wildlife Office yesterday confirmed that the main suspect involved in the killing of the tusker was a police constable.

The Wildlife Department yesterday said it had sought approval of the Galkiriyagama police station to arrest the suspect.

The Galkiriyagama Wildlife Office said that the suspect PC had run away when they went to his house to arrest him.

Meanwhile, the Galkiriyagama Wildlife Office has already reported the facts to the Court regarding the crime, where Kekirawa District Judge and Magistrate Saman Veraniyagoda has ordered the officers of the Galkiriyagama Wildlife Office to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the killing of Barana and immediately arrest all the suspects involved and produce them before the court.

Earlier, the Galkiriyagama Wildlife officials arrested three persons, in relation to Barana’s death, and produced them at the Kekirawa Magistrate’s Court.

Individuals arrested include the owner of a house that had illegally obtained electricity, another individual who had been removing electric wires that had electrified the fence that electrocuted Barana and the owner of the private land on which the electric fence was put up.

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Source:: The Island